The process of producing bamboo salt is the process by which minerals in salt are converted into bioactive substances.

Bamboo salt is roasted 1 to 9 times

For the Koreans, numbers have great significance.

The raw materials of bamboo salt

Bambu® Salz comes from sea salt (fleur de sel) extracted in salt pans off the West coast of South Korea from the Yellow Sea.

The salt (fleur de sel)

The Korean sea salt (fleur de sel) is transported inland to undergo a major, almost miraculous, process.

The bamboo

The red mountain clay

The bamboo salt production process

For 9x roasted bamboo salt, the tubes are placed in the final combustion phase, in a specially designed iron oven, and are melted on a resin fire at 1300 ° C into a kind of lava.

When the bamboo salt has cooled, it has become as hard as stone. The ‘stone’ is broken. Crystals have formed on the inside. These are ground to a coarse or very coarse structure.